About the Company

Mihan Khahan International Trading Company started its trade-commercial  activities in the field of carpet industry exporting Iranian original carpets to European countries including Germany on 1998 aiming at serving to the dear compatriots and continued its operation since 2005 in the field of cosmetics,  medical equipment import and information technology.

The company has changed into one of the great and strong international holding companies establishing some independent companies in the States of Holland and United Arab Emirates and merging them together and this has caused to obtain a universal reputation from international companies and to receive the credible and famous brands’ representation from these companies. One of the honors of International Trading Holding Company is the presence of prominent and experienced managers as well as professional and proficient personal who have a significant role in its growth and success.

The main slogan of the company is grounded based on “Iranians deserve the best”. Therefore, in this regard and in order to respect, support and provide better and widespread services with our dear compatriots, we have always attempted to create a training network in the name of “Training, support, research and development” department with the aim of making the dear consumers familiar with our products quality and to train the correct and scientific methods to apply them and not only we managed to boost entrepreneurship in the professional cosmetic fields throughout Iran, but while training the applicants and giving authentic and formal certificates for spending the above-mentioned courses by holding more than 500 different training seminars with the presence of 300-1000 persons from the prominent trainers in this industry in each seminar as well as holding some classes and several training courses by its experienced and proficient trainers, the company managed to develop our countries’ future entrepreneurs and managers and to prepare them to enter the job market.

“Iranians deserve the best”

Currently, Mihan Khahan International Trading Group is honored to contribute significantly in entrepreneurship in the country in cooperation with its respected representatives and  sales agents in Tehran and all the country’s provinces towards providing service with the dear compatriots and delivering the bests (products and services) in the field of skin and beauty).

 In conclusion, you are kindly reminded that me and Mihan Khahan International Trading Holding is an exclusive representative and a distributor of specialized and beauty brands from the below countries in the field of cosmetics.




Great Britain: REFORMA